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Ketamine Treatment

About Ketamine Treatments

First impressions can be useful, but initial evaluations do not always tell the whole story. Anyone who draws conclusions too quickly could miss out on the opportunity to make a lifelong friend, find a new career path, or receive a revolutionary medical treatment. The medicine ketamine is a prime example of this principle.

Unfortunately, a significant portion of the general public associates the substance with the party scene. Special K, as some call it, has earned a less-than-solid reputation due to its recreational use and reckless dosages by clubgoers.

Some also know of its effectiveness as an animal tranquilizer. Ketamine’s previous uses and abuses may have overshadowed its potential benefits to humans, but the medical pioneers at Colorado Infusion Solutions are working to turn the tide of perception.

History of Ketamine

Humanity has come a long way since the discovery of fire, but many modern innovations follow the same rules. They accomplish the most good when people keep them in their place and handle them with care. A major advantage of ketamine is that it produces a predictable set of reactions across the board. Through numerous trials, ketamine remains exceptionally consistent in its timing. Once the medicine is administered, patients will experience a 20-minute lull with no reaction, followed by 45-50 minutes of feeling the effects (with minimal variation). An intravenous (IV) drip system delivers medicine to the bloodstream gradually for the sake of stable reactions.


Know what to expect when undergoing an infusion. When a patient is exposed to a dissociative anesthetic such as ketamine, it is only natural to experience dissociation, or an out-of-body experience. He or she may also feel a little numbness in the hands and face. Educated and self-aware patients (such as people who have read this article) should have few problems discerning sensations from the reality of the situation.

This anesthetic affords the patient more control than he or she may realize at the time. Numbness can create the illusion of paralysis, and disorientation can often create the illusion of movement. However, keep in mind that you will remain in control aware during every infusion, even if your senses get fuzzy. Ketamine will not cause people to see or hear nonexistent stimuli.

Think of your mind as an organic stereo system. Picture an expansive board of audio controls at a concert or a radio station. The sound engineer can twist the various dials to shift the balance between the bass (low-end) and treble (high-end) notes. Now think of your senses as those dials. Ketamine tunes down the tactile, or touch-related, aspects of the overall human experience. This temporary suspension of sensation paves the way for recovery. Of course, a serene environment also helps.

Considerate staff members make all the difference, especially in cases of mental health treatment. While we refuse to prod the patient with unwanted attention, our team is always available to help at a moment’s notice. Patients have also been known to listen to their favorite music during a ketamine infusion. Often, patients will feel a positive difference within hours of the first session.



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