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Brian Gliba

I’ve been doing these ketamine infusions from the Colorado Infusion Solutions in Colorado Springs at 565 communication way next to the Mt Carmel Center for Excellence. Just opened and I was their first client!!

These infusions have done amazing benefits for me:

  • Depression I’ve had my whole life is actually lifting. Something I’ve never had any luck improving by any other means.
  • My chronic pain is nearly absent, I’ve been on the pain meds for over 10 years, I’m in the process of weaning off for the first time.
  • My chronic fatigue is going away, I usually need 10 hours of sleep or more and has definitely decreased while feeling more energized.

This is life changing!! I have hoped to get off pain meds for a long time and this is truly mind altering amazement.

The depression going away and fatigue improving are bonuses!!

If anyone in my shoes is interested in experiencing what I am, contact Theresa from the Colorado Infusion Solution at tel:719-635-1079
With 24/7 attendant service

The infusions take about an hour, you are given versed to help you relax and take a nap, there is a bit of weirdness you feel but the results are amazing!

There is a clinic in Denver with a 2 year wait doing the same but for twice the amount. This clinic charges $300 for veterans and $350 for civilians. Insurance may cover some or all of your treatment. It’s worth every penny!

Treatments are day 1, day 3, day 10, day 17 for the first four infusions which is when you will see 90% of the results and then 1 a month for the next two months.

This is my personal experience and those who really know me, know what I’ve been thru and to hear that I’m having these amazing results after countless experimental treatment failures is something. I would never endorse something unless I believed in it and I have to personally experience it to know it’s for real and I’m telling you, this is for reals!!

Again, this is for real and I am so happy, my mind is getting clear. I feel more articulate, feeling more confident and feeling better and not disabled. This is something you need to try if you have had depression your whole life or have been on pain meds forever and want to get off them!!

Joshua Emer

Ketamine Therapy Colorado Springs



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